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Originally Aired 11-04-2018

Ok so sad news guys, We will no longer be broadcasting on TV starting in January 2019. But here’s the good news, we’re still having services and you can still enjoying watching them. Just connect with us on Facebook at Heartland Community Church, or on YouTube just look up hlandtv and subscribe, or go to our website at hland.tv, and here’s our newest offering, on your Roku search for hlandtv and download our Churches channel.
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There’s a calling of God on his Children. And it can be weird changing our lives and attitudes to fit His calling. Sometimes we’re afraid of people thinking we’re fake or just trying to look spiritual. But God isn’t concerned about that, He wants us to step into His plan for our lives. And though it’s uncomfortable, it’s right and it’s worth it. And God will be there the whole way to help you. So trust in Him and follow Him. You won’t regret it.

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